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             TJ Sparks, born Anthony Barletta from Brooklyn, NY started his country music career in 2016. TJ has many original bands over the years and built up a nice collection of original music from different genres. His passion for music led him to country music in 2015 as he fell head over heals in love with Country music. He decided to convert some of his collection to a country format and recorded and released his first song " Back to you" in 2018 to the secondary market stations and hit # 1 on July 20 on the New Music Weekly charts for both Country and Country Internet also the Roots Music Report.

                In the fall of 2018
he recorded a Christmas song called " What would Christmas be" that was a success with worldwide airplay giving him a new status in the country world and being a precursor to his next release " Margarita Monday" and was a hit with Trop-rock station and once again hitting #2 on New Music Weekly and # 1 on Indie World charts.

                As Covid 19
set back the next release, TJ is shooting for a breakout year with his next release " Wastin Time" scheduled release for January 15 and will follow up with "A World of Change" scheduled release for March 30.

                Shooting for the brass ring, his song "Georgia Twist" will be the release of the 2021 summer and TJ has high hopes of it becoming the party song of 2021.



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