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                                                 Sparks Country Records

                                                is proud to announce the release of the new

                       T.J. Sparks single “Margarita Monday” from his new EP “My Kind of Country”.

T.J. has had a long love affair with music since his childhood. He is a multi-instrumentalist, and enjoys a variety of types of music. However he found his true calling and passion within the Country & Americana music landscape. His passion for the stage and entertaining people is what drives him most.

T.J. Sparks Quote: I love songs that have that party tropical flavor to it, Margarita Monday has all the ingredients to satisfy that  “ Please! bring back that summertime feeling”. We released it now because that's my goal, to give the listener a sense of summertime warmth in the midst of a long cold winter. “Frozen Margarita  Anyone? "

His song promoters, Al Brock of Spin Doctors, Alan Young and Bill Wence all agree, “T.J.’s new single ‘Margarita Monday’ is a fun loving, Country / Trop Rock song that gives Monday nights a whole new meaning when it comes to just hanging out and enjoying music and life as it comes at you.”Type your paragraph here.

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  • Margarita Monday3:10

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